5 Things to Do When You Feel Uninspired

As creators, which all of us are in some sense, I think we all know that feeling of being uninspired. Maybe you’ve tried to frame a photo for hours and it doesn’t look right. Maybe you’re looking around on Instagram or Pinterest and wondering how people get such amazing photos or maybe you’re feeling down about how the algorithm of Instagram is going and sort of feel like just quitting. Personally, I know that feeling well and it can be hard to get out of that headspace. I am my own worst critic and I constantly find myself feeling as if I have no new and fresh ideas. Here are a few ways I get out of that.

  1. Take some time off. This one is a big one. It scares the heck out of me, but I also know that it’s necessary. Every few weeks, I try to take a few days off from posting. It gives me time to step back and really evaluate the direction I’m going in. Shockingly once that pressure is let go, things seem much more clear. So far after taking a few days off, my engagement hasn’t totally plummeted and the people following me haven’t left in mass amounts. As long as you put out content that connects with your followers, you will be fine!
  2. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. If I have no photo ideas for the day, usually I’ll scroll through Pinterest for 20 minutes. It helps me reframe my thoughts and think out of the box.
  3. Change or move things around. This seems like such a simple thing, but it really works! Today I had an idea and moved all of my furniture to cater to this idea only to find out that it really didn’t look how I imagined. After 30 minutes of adding in items, taking some out, filling in blank wall spaces, and taking photos, I finally was happy with how the area looked!
  4. Go to your favorite stores and just have a look around. Usually I will go to Target, World Market, or Home Goods because they have displays that will spark new ideas. You most definitely do not need to go and buy a ton of new things, just look around and maybe you’ll find some inspiration.
  5. Think about your purpose. Remember why you create. Maybe you can’t even remember why you started creating and just kind of have gotten stuck in a cycle of wanting approval from other people about your art. Refocus on your purpose and that will give you a clearer thought process.

Now I know none of these are a cure all. Sometimes you just have to keep creating until you find something you like and that is perfectly fine! I’m by no means an expert. If you look at my phone, I have thousands of photos I haven’t posted. Getting to a point where you like what you create should take time because it takes time to to discover yourself and you are constantly changing. Hopefully some of these tips are helpful to you! I’d love to hear any ideas you have on getting out of a creative block!

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    Mya Constantino

    Michelle! I completely resonate with the first on this list. Once we remove that pressure, its as if things feel more clear and fluid. Been going through a creative block lately & decided I’m going to Zion this week. I’m super excited to recharge and gain a clearer perspective. much love to you -Mya

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