A Cup of Tea and a Book

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.'” – C.S. Lewis

Y’all this man gets me! I could spend hours drinking tea and reading books! If you follow my instagram, you know I am obsessed with Narnia. I think the best books help us to see the hope and beauty of the world. C.S. Lewis is most well known for The Chronicles of Narnia, but he wrote many more incredible books that have helped me understand more of the world and the God I love. So if you’re feeling like delving into more of his books, here are my top 5(Side note: I don’t want you to feel like this is a trick and I just want you to read books about Christianity. I truly love these books and if you’d like to read them feel free to or not to!)

P.S. I also just really love C.S. Lewis’ wit and sarcasm. He literally tells you not to read some of his books in the foreword.

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia

Here’s the thing about Narnia, it doesn’t just have connections to Christianity. It has simple lessons about life for anyone who reads it. It instills bravery, courage, and humility in all who read it. For example, Edmund sells out his family to the wicked White Witch and his brother and sisters still welcome him back and love him. Then, he proceeds to be one of the bravest king’s Narnia has ever known. Lesson, you are never too far gone from changing your future and doing the right thing.

2. Mere Christianity

Sometimes I get to a point where I feel really confused about why God does the things He does or why He is the way He is. C.S. Lewis uses simple logic in this book to make Christianity clearer to the average reader. He brings together concepts that are actually really easy to understand when brought to light.

3. The Problem of Pain

Everyone in this world can agree that being in pain is the opposite of what we want. No one wants to live a life of suffering and yet there are many people who are. C.S. Lewis talks about why there is pain in the world and how God uses it to show us what we all want, happiness and peace.

4. The Screwtape Letters

If you can’t stay focused for long and don’t want to have to read chronologically, this book is for you. It delves into the workings of our minds and reveals why we do what we do in various situations.

5. The Great Divorce

This book deals with why good isn’t good enough and though a bit dry in my opinion, is helpful in working through different reasons to doubt God. It’s told in a story perspective, but is basically one giant analogy.


P.P.S.(1. Is P.P.S. actually a thing?? I’m like 90% sure it is, but I’m gonna use it anyways. 2. The featured photo above is of Surprised by Joy, which is a book that I tried to finish by C.S. Lewis, but couldn’t. I really just liked the cover *inserts shrugging shoulders emoji)*.

Feel free to let me know how you like the books! It always is interesting to see if anyone actually reads the books I suggest!

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