Bedroom Items Under $20 You Totally Need

Decorating a room can be daunting. You think of all the things you want in your room and are simultaneously imagining your favorite blogger’s house, thinking HOW?! Here are 5 items under $20 that won’t break the bank, but instantly will elevate your bedroom style!

  1. IKEA clothing rack– Y’all this was only $10! It’s given me a place to display whatever my favorite pieces of the seasons are and it fills up a lot of space, making your room look all the more cozy!

2. Wooden Crates– I use these wooden crates from Target on my desk, next to my bed, and I’ve even turned them into a DIY bench! Seriously, these crates were well worth the money I spent and are much cheaper than a bookshelf!

3.Urban Outfitter Moon Phases Banner– I’m forever obsessed with this moon phases banner! It creates a warm vibe for my room and just kind of makes me happy.

4. Curtain Lights– These curtain lights are SO COZY. They instantly give a calming feeling to any room and are very easy to set up.

5. Floating Bookshelves– I saw these on a blog and instantly fell in love. They are a great way for book lovers to display their favorite editions and also look amazing as a part of a gallery wall!

And there you have it! Five items under $20 that will instantly make your bedroom the no. 1 place you want to spend your time!

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