I’ve been having a lot of fun lately turning book pages into pictures or clothes! I get the idea from Bookish Bronte, who has been constantly inspiring me to take new and creative approaches to the photos I take.

For my first outfit, I decided to do a photo based on one of my favorite books, Geekerella¬†by Ashley Poston. She’s amazing by the way and this book had me literally laughing out loud!

Step 1: Come up with an idea for a photo. My first idea was to edit a dress/skirt to look like a book page. I found a corner in my room that I wanted to take the picture in and then went from there.

I edited this on my phone using VSCO before I uploaded it. Also, I used Creatic to add the dust specks.

I like editing on the phone before uploading because if you edit it later it might change the tone/color of the book page dress/skirt.

Step 2: Take a photo of the book page you want your outfit to be of. Once you’ve done that, upload it to your computer.


Step 3: Open the picture on your computer and there should be an editing tool. You don’t need fancy software to do this(although it can be helpful). I use the Apple Preview App, which is the one that automatically pops up when you download a picture on a Mac. Click the Mark Up Toolbar. In the picture, it’s the button that is showing up blue and looks like a marker.


Step 4: Click on the little dotted square and select Lasso Selection. You can use this to cut out any shape.


Step 5: Make the shape of whatever clothing you want. I made a skirt because I thought it’d be easiest. Then press Ctrl+C to copy.


Step 6: LASTLY, open the photo you took of yourself. Press Ctrl+V to paste it onto yourself. You will have to make the item smaller or larger to fit yourself and move it around until it looks right. If it doesn’t fit, go back to your book page and try again! It’s okay if you don’t get it the first time!


Hopefully this was helpful to you! The opportunities to be creative are endless. It is so so fun to put together and is really easier than you think!

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