Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone may look daunting because of how big the book looks, but IT IS SO WORTH IT! I binge read it in one and a half days! Throughout the book, I was totally captivated. The story line is unique and full of action. Basically here is all you have to know. There is magic, adventure, romance, and you won’t be bored at all! Really it’s what we all love about YA!

Synopsis: Everyone remembers the night of the Raid. The king sent his soldiers to destroy magic once and for all. Zélie’s mother was one of the maji who was killed. Now every family with a maji in Orīsha must pay a tax and Zélie’s family is barely making it.

The image of her mother’s death is still seared into her mind and her hatred for the royal family is all that she sees. Everything looks bleak, until a rogue princess joins Zélie and her brother, Tzain, on a quest to bring magic back. Zélie must fight her darkest fears and at the same time discover that people aren’t always what they seem.

Zélie is someone that everyone can identify with. She is extremely passionate, but tends to make mistakes. She fights for what she knows to be true and is fiercely loyal to those she loves. Children of Blood and Bone comes out March 6th, 2018. Make sure you preorder it so you can binge read the day it comes out!

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