For The Love of Reading

So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of negative posts about styling books a certain way. Apparently stacking your books like this is a huge no-no today. Photos with books stacked pages facing out have been attacked with hateful comments. I’ve read things like “You can tell all of these are bargain books.”, “You can tell this person doesn’t read any of these books.”, or “This organization gives me anxiety!” Honestly, I am incredulous. What these people are really saying is “You don’t organize your books like me so you don’t enjoy reading as much as me.” It feels so silly to be even comparing things like that! Now this post isn’t coming from a viewpoint of hate. I just want to shed light on how I see these comments.

First off, what’s wrong with bargain books? I have found some amazing finds at thrift stores. Also, when you start to say unkind things about people’s photos, it affects the person behind the photo. I hear adults say “Kids these days don’t know how to communicate. They’re always hiding behind a computer.” Most of the people attacking these photos are adults. Don’t you realize there are humans behind these photos? I have struggled with anxiety for the past few years and let me tell you, while posting photos and sharing my love of books has been an amazing joy, it’s also been a huge source of anxiety. What if one of these photos of my books styled this way is reposted? What if people start saying rude things to me?

Let me give you a little background. I’m a teacher, who absolutely LOVES books! I spend hundreds of dollars on books every year for my students and find joy in seeing kids grow to love reading. I obviously don’t have my classroom books with the pages facing out because  they’re just learning how to read. However, I do teach my students to make books their own, to observe different perspectives by reading books, and to read what they enjoy! I also teach my students to be kind to one another, refrain from saying unkind things, and accept each other for who they are.

I guess all I’m really trying to say is, there’s enough hate going around in the world. Recognize someone is behind that photo you are belittling. Let’s remember that books teach us to see from different perspectives, not to be stuck in our own. Lastly, kindness starts with you.

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    This is awful, why would anyone care about how you organize or face your books in your own home? I feel That people just want To spread negativity and they enjoy doing so. To be HONEst, the first book I ever fell in love with I stole from my English teacher when I was in the 6the grade! I had no money, back then I used to share lunch with my BESTfriend because she also had No money. As I began to tutor some of the NEIGHBORHOOD kids, I saved some money to buy books from thrift stores or garage sales. And, I still own those books! I have stacks on The floor! I don’t care which way they face lol Btw, love your Blog and your Instagram page!

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      Thank you so much! Just the fact that you took the time to reply to this post means so much to me. There really are some amazing books at the thrift store!

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    Vanessa Gomez

    Personally i love so much how your books are organized in your room. I love the concept of being surrounded by books. for some odd reason i am not a fan of bookshelves. And whether you buy them at full price or at the thrift store should hold no relevance whatsoever. looking at your pics has given me the idea to do them like that at the foot of the bed..genius.

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