Giant Letterboard for Under $15

I have seen some really cute, giant letterboards on Pinterest lately and I thought it might be easy to recreate so I headed to Home Depot and got started! Now this is not a super fancy DIY, but it looks great at the end and is VERY low-budget!

To make this you will need:

  • moulding strips cut into 4 pieces
  • command strips
  • painter’s or masking tape
  • felt or paper letters
  1. So first, I picked up two moulding strips and asked someone in the lumber area to cut the strips in half. It was very quick since the strips are so thin and I only spent a total of $8!

2. Then I went home and started cutting out my letters with my Cricut. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can sometimes find felt letters in the Target Dollar section, Michael’s, or Walmart.

3. I attached the pieces of wood to the wall with command strips. The top of the mounding strip is flat, which is perfect to place letters on so make sure that side is right side up!

4. Then lastly, taped the letters up with some painter’s tape. I taped them because they were made of paper and fell through the bottom of the wooden strips. Eventually I plan on laminating the letters.

Overall, this was a super cheap DIY and I love how it turned out! I will be updating the board constantly and adding fun pieces to it so follow me on Instagram @astoldbymichelle to keep up with the new additions!

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    Hoda Jaludi

    This is such a great idea! thanks for sharing <3 love your room

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