Is The Our Place Pan Worth It?

There are certain items that become influencer favorites and it can be hard to decide whether they’re worth it or not! The Our Place Pan is most certainly very, very popular, but is it worth it? Let me start this out by saying my husband purchased this pan for me during a sale so we bought this with our own money and are very unbiased.

At first I really loved this pan, but then I realized it wasn’t as non-stick as I expected. I tried cooking eggs on it and they stuck to the pan. However, this is my go to pan and I do still use it every day. Aesthetically, I haven’t found anything quite the same. In my opinion it’s not worth the full-price. My biggest complaints are that I thought it’d be more non-stick for the price and I noticed the bottom stained a bit.

I did an Instagram story asking about how people liked their pans and the results we’re mostly positive, a couple of positives with caveats like “I wish it was more non-stick”, and then a couple completely negative reviews. I’ll share a couple of the reviews below! I included a review from each category of loving it to thinking it’s way over hyped. There were 13 responses. 5 were completely positive, 5 were mixed, and 3 were completely negative.

My overall thought is that if it’s on sale, it’s worth a try, especially since so many people end up falling in love with it. I know I didn’t absolutely love mine, but if I had to go back I probably would buy it again for aesthetic purposes and because it feels well-made. One of my friends who really loves her pan said you can clean off the pan using this vinegar and water trick so I will have to try that. Also, some messages mentioned you’re not supposed to cook with the pan on high heat, which I didn’t know so this could be why I have experienced a few issues with it.

Personally I think it’s a bit overhyped and if you’re looking for your DREAM pan that’s completely non-stick and never has any issues this probably isn’t it. If you aren’t expecting too too much, want a pretty pan, and don’t mind a few issues, then wait till it goes on sale!

P.S. I know a lot of influencers and people who genuinely LOVE this pan and have purchased it on their own/it was not gifted by the company! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and while one person may really like the pan, others will have a different experience and that’s okay!

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