Magazine Gallery Wall

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a crazy shopaholic. Some of y’all probably feel the same and some of y’all have no clue what I’m talking about(If this is you, please teach me how to save money!). Anyways, this simple decor setup is for everyone! We all have old magazines lying around somewhere and it’s time we make good use of free home decor! Here’s how I put my gallery wall together.

I started by ripping out the pages I thought would look good together.

Then I organized the pages how I wanted them to look on the wall. One of my tips for organizing them is to create some sort of pattern. It makes it look less like you just threw some magazine pages on the wall and more purposeful.

Commitment is hard and I hardly ever use anything permanent to put things up on my wall so I used blue painter’s tape to stick all of the photos up. Also, my thoughtful and wonderful husband helped me so I didn’t have to stick 1,234,894 pieces of tape on the wall(If you didn’t already know, I’m a little dramatic.).

It actually turned out a lot better than I imagined! Plus it took about 20 minutes to complete the whole project! I would love to hear/see how yours turns out, so if you end up trying this please tag or DM me so I can see!!!


xx Michelle

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