I’m the always running late type of person so my morning routine needs to be pretty simple. I usually roll out of bed, do my make-up in 10 minutes or less, and then run out the door so the products are really easy-to-use and don’t take too much precision or time.

Butter Blush
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  1. Butter Blush- Nude

I can’t say enough about this blush! It has a nice coconut scent and is very natural. I usually brush a little on after using a BB cream.

NYX Highlighter
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2. Nyx Illuminating Stick(Highlighter)- Chardonnay Shimmer

This highlighter is really light, but catches light really well. I usually do one or two quick swipes right under my eyes and blend it in.

Master Precise Eyeliner
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3. Master Precise Eye Studio Liner- Black

I’ve tried a lot of different liners and this one seems to be the thinnest. I like how crisp the lines look and how easy it is to achieve a winged look. This one is a liquid liner, which I prefer because for some reason I have the hardest time getting a clean look with a solid liner.

E.l.f. Glow Face Paletter
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4. E.l.f. Natural Glow Face Palette

There’s a bronzer, highlighter, and two blushes included in this palette. I usually use this palette when I’m going out to a wedding or somewhere a bit more formal because there is a light glitter in the palette.

E.l.f. Contouring Palette
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5. E.l.f. Light to Medium Contour Palette

I am a contouring newbie so I didn’t want to over commit and buy a really fancy and expensive palette. This one has been a really good one to learn with and personally I really like how it looks.


The fun thing about budget products is that they’re relatively cheap so low commitment for you! I love to try out new products and these leave room in my budget for me to. You can find all of these products linked below!


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