If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been very into polaroids as of late! I am obsessed with putting them in different patterns on the wall and writing little notes on them. Here are a few ways I’ve styled mine!

Writing on polaroids just makes them feel a little more special! Write the month you took the photo in and you can create a memory wall!

I love to surround a statement piece with polaroids. It could be a neon sign or poster. A lot of times they make the statement piece pop and stand out.

Write where you took the photo! I was trying to remember where I took all of these photos and I couldn’t think of a few. These were all such fun and special trips and I couldn’t even figure out where they were taken! I did some research and the interwebs helped me recall the places. Moral of the story, writing locations is a great way to keep track of all the spectacular places you have been!

Lastly, they’re great for just filling in empty spaces on a wall! Whenever I feel like there is something missing, polaroids are my go-to!

I would love to see how you like to style your polaroids! Feel free to tag me in your photos on the gram @astoldbymichelle so I can be inspired by you!

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