If you give a girl a cupcake, she’ll need milk tea to go with it. When she gets the milk tea it will remind her of the color blush. She’ll remember she still needs a New Year’s Eve dress and head into free people. She’ll find a sequined dress that is PERFECT. When she checks out of free people, she’ll hear music. The music will remind her of her record player at home. When she gets home, she’ll get out her record player and after she’s played a few songs, she’ll remember that she went to the store to buy a cupcake.

Celester Sequin Mini Dress
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So I went to free people and didn’t really expect to find anything major, but I stumbled across this dress and I can’t resist 1. sequins, 2. the color blush, and 3. a really good price. In store, there was only one left and is was 40% off. I checked online and there are still a few in stock and it’s also 40% off online too! You can shop the dress in the links below.

Lucky Brand Basel Bootie
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I may or may not have stolen these booties from my sister. They’re super comfy and dress down this outfit a bit!

Crosley Record Turn Table
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I picked up this record player a few years ago and my dad had some old albums that I stole to play on it. My favorite record is the Breakfast at Tiffany’s vinyl, which I actually picked up at a garage sale. I currently have the newer Lana Del Rey record in my shopping cart because it’s shaped like a heart and I can’t resist novelty things like that!

Milk Tea Love

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