Review: Everless by Sara Holland

Sarah Holland does an incredible job of creating a mysterious world of magic, secrets, and intrigue. Everless was such a unique story. It was so full of twists and in the end I wanted MORE. I ended up giving Everless four stars and I can’t wait to see what the sequel holds in store for us!

Synopsis: In a kingdom that is ruled by time, Jules Ember is just trying to survive. The people of Sempara are literally bled dry of years of their life in order to allow the rich to live forever. In order to provide for her family, she must go back to the one place she swore to never return to, Everless. Everless is the family estate of the Gerling family. As a child, Jules was good friends with Roan Gerling, but fearful of his vicious brother, Liam. Many dangers lie in wait as Jules returns. The queen is set to arrive for the wedding of her adopted daughter, Ina Gold, and Roan.

As Jules discovers old roots, she also learns more about the sinister things going on behind the scenes. It is a race against time as Jules tries to uncover missing pieces of her past and put together the full picture of the world around her.

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