Review: The Hazelwood by Melissa Albert

The Hazelwood has been preordered since November of last year! I saw the cover and fell in love! In my opinion, the book is totally worth buying just because it’s so pretty. Anyways, it recently came out and I have seen a ton of mixed reviews on it. Enough of my book friends read and loved it that I was willing to give it a shot. I’m a huge romantic so my first thought was “IS THERE ROMANCE?!” and there is, but it is such a small part of it and when I say small I mean miniscule. But hey, don’t let it deter you because it was really a good story! If you enjoyed Leigh Bardugo’s realistic and dark fairytales, where sometimes the prince isn’t perfect and life isn’t sunshine and rainbows, then you might really enjoy this book! Personally, I give it 3.75 stars because while it wasn’t THE BEST STORY EVER it was still pretty entertaining!

Synopsis: Alice and her mother are constantly moving because they are always being followed by bad luck. But when Alice’s grandmother, a hugely famous writer of dark fairytales, suddenly dies, Alice’s luck gets even worse. Alice’s mother is stolen away by people who claim to be straight out of her grandmother’s fairytales. To save her mother, Alice must join forces with one of her grandmother’s biggest fans, Ellery Finch. Together they discover more about each other and what they each truly desire.

A lot of people said they didn’t like Alice, but I found her dark and witty banter with Finch, to actually be pretty enjoyable. They had a really neat relationship that made me want to keep reading. They are pretty dark characters and they aren’t your typical gorgeous guy and girl duo, but I think that makes the story all the more relatable. Overall, I think it is worth a read, so pick it up and let me know how you like it!




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    Jamie @bubblybooks

    Great review! This book has been on my Tbr for the longest time… I somehow havent gotten around to reading it yet?!?! your review really makes me want to pick it up soon 🙂

    btw I wanted to let you know I tagged you in my most recent post: Anti valentines day tag! Happy reading!

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    Oooh is it on IG? I’ll go look now!

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