Hey friends! Y’all know I’m constantly moving things around in my room. I just want to put a place together where you can find all of the items easily!

I am always looking for ways to make everything a little bit more cozy so I love adding warm gold tones. My moon banner is from Urban Outfitters and was actually under $20! Most of my pillows are from Target. They have a really great variety of different styles. Now the thing I think makes my room the coziest is the string light curtain! It is actually very easy to put up. I made a video showing how to put it together and the specific lights and hooks I used are linked below!

Now for the prints, I have to admit, I have a ridiculous amount of prints. I am also WAY TOO LAZY to put them in frames, so I just got to a point where I stuck everything up on the wall with painters tape. One of my favorite prints is from Mapiful and you can create any kind of map you would like of anywhere in the world. Mine just happens to be none other than the dreamy city of Stars Hollow.

The wall hanging is from Amazon. Here are two that I really like. The first one is the one on my wall. The second one is a little cheaper and has great reviews!

Honestly, you design your space to fit you so add what you love and make everything work for how you want the space to function. I went in with the idea that I wanted my room to be relaxing so I just added things that made me feel happy! You really can’t go wrong if you follow that!


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