Stay Sweet by Siobhan Vivian- Review

I recently finished this book and I just really like it! It’s all about summer, ice cream, romance, and friendship! Basically it is a perfect summer read that will give you all the feels.

Synopsis: Amelia is ready for the greatest summer ever before she heads to college. Her best friend is working with her and she is head girl of Meade Creamery owned by hometown legend, Molly. When Molly unexpectedly passes away, it seems like the summer she has been waiting for forever will never happen. Amelia is crushed that she won’t be able to keep the stand open, until Grady Meade comes to town and declares he’s taking over. Maybe there’s hope for Meade Creamery yet!

I love love love how this book isn’t 100% about romance. Amelia learns a lot throughout the book and develops a lot of confidence. She is passionate and doesn’t compromise on her goals. If you know me, you know I adore a good romance. Vivian does such an amazing job of blending summer romance and the lesson of pursuing your dreams.

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