Here is a quick little sushi costume how to! I remember being in college and not having very much supplies. Trying to figure out something the day of because I waited till the last minute(to be honest nothing has really changed!) and also trying to keep the price to a minimum. This costume only cost me about $7 to make and I had a lot of the materials already. So whether you’re in a bind or just looking for a cute costume, I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

You will need:

  • 2 large poster boards
  • sharpie
  • orange, white, dark green, light green, and yellow paper
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • string
  • pink, light green, and dark green felt
  • headband
  1. Cut a large circle out of your poster board. Outline it in black sharpie.

2. Cut the pieces of paper into different sushi fillings.

3. Take your white paper and cut some lines for your orange paper.

4. Repeat the process for your back side and you can use string or extra poster board to create straps for your sushi costume. At first I did poster board straps, and then I decided to use string.

5. Now let’s start on the headband! Take your pink piece of felt and cut 4 large circles and 1 small circle. Fold it in half, then into fourths. Take the glue gun and glue in between the folds.

6. Glue the points of the 4 pieces of felt in the middle of the small circle. Then glue the sides together.

7. Take your light green felt. Cut 4 thin pieces.

8. Make a bow by gluing the ends together and then the middle of it. 

9. Stack the centers of the bows together and glue them to create the wasabi.

10. Finally take your dark green felt and cut the grass. Then take all of your pieces and glue them onto your headband.

YAY! You’re done! Now you are a cute little sushi! I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Happy Halloween!



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    This is such a cute costume. i love your dog costume, too.

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