The Display Shelf of Your Dreams

One of the biggest questions I get is how to put decor together! Here are a few tips I have found extremely useful in creating a display shelf that you are excited about and that is functional! You can click here to shop the shelves I use!

  1. What do you love? Do you have a passion for books? Do you love fashion? Put those things into your shelf. You probably already have some of these things in your home!
  2. Order matters. I am big on patterns. Patterns give people something to focus on and it makes your shelf look less chaotic and more planned. I used books with  pinks, whites, and golds to keep a consistent pattern and focus. Also, if you look at my self I kept the shoes and purses on the same row. That’s because I want my shelf to be somewhat functional. It also helps people process everything when they see it!
  3. Make it fun! I love letter boards and the character it brings to shelving! You can show your personality and mix it up whenever you want something new. 4. Lighting makes all the difference. I personally love adding lights to my shelves. I think it brightens up the area and makes everything pop! String lights and fairy lights give the image of a warmer and more inviting space!
    This is how my shelf turned out and I love it! It’s got all of my favorite things and makes me so happy when I look at it! For more daily decor inspo feel free to follow me on Instagram @astoldbymichelle!
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