Urban Outfitters Home Sale of MY DREAMS

So I have a little bit of an online shopping addiction and I get really excited anytime I find sales of any kind(toilet paper, furniture, cat backpacks, literally anything). I stumbled upon the Urban Outfitters Home Sale because I may or may not check the website everyday for things I want and today I went through 1,000+ items in the sale so you don’t have to! I’m both in awe and very afraid of my shopping stamina. Anyways here they are broken down into categories just for you!


I’ve been waiting for these pillows to go on sale to stock up! The cute ones aren’t always this cheap so I plan on picking up 2 or 3.


I’ve had the Geo Tufted Throw Blanket in my cart for like a month now, just because I couldn’t justify spending so much on a blanket. Thankfully they’re cheaper now and since I didn’t buy it at full price I’m basically saving $10(at least that’s what I’ll be telling my husband)!


Funny enough, I actually bought the Tassel Duvet a few weeks ago! It is the softest duvet I’ve ever owned and feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud!


Tapestries instantly make your room feel cozier and more full so I definitely will be picking up one of these!


The hardest part about putting together a gallery wall is making it look cohesive. These prints are super cute and all fit the same vibe.

Room Accessories

I’ve had my eye on these two things and this mug is only $6!!!

My mood right now is basically add everything into the shopping cart! Currently having a Clueless moment *cue walking out of store, hands full of shopping bags*. Hopefully you find some things you love!

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    Girl, i feel you. i didn’t know the duvet covers were so soft.

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