I’ve always wanted a vanity mirror, but they’re like 23 million dollars so it’s always been out of the question. However, the other day I was on Amazon and saw vanity lights that you could attach to mirror for the low price of $30! Obviously I got on that real quick. So here’s a 30 minute DIY with tips on how to create your very own vanity mirror without having to sell everything you own!

So all you’ll need for this mirror is these vanity lights and a mirror.The mirror is from IKEA and was only $20!

So you can mark the spots you want the lights to be if you want them to be very very precise. I actually just eyeballed it and stuck 5 on one side 2 in the top middle and 5 on the other side. Now you might be thinking, 5+5+2=12. YES! You are right! 12 is not 14 so there are 2 extra lights. I just didn’t end up using them. There are instructions on how to take them off in the box it comes in, but I just placed them behind the mirror because I didn’t want to deal with cutting things.

Now here is a huge tip! When you place the lights on the mirror do not press them down very hard. Wait until you’ve placed them all because you might want to adjust them. I made that mistake and it was really difficult to pull it off. Once you’re done placing all the lights, just put the mirror on a vanity table and you are done!

I would love to hear if you end up trying this DIY and feel free to ask questions below!

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