Vanity Mirror DIY

I’ve always wanted a vanity mirror, but they’re like 23 million dollars so it’s always been out of the question. However, the other day I was on Amazon and saw vanity lights that you could attach to mirror for the low price of $30! Obviously I got on that real quick. So here’s a 30 […]

Big Changes!

Sometimes it feels like you have to spend excessive amounts of money to create your dream space. Don’t let Pinterest and Instagram make you feel like that! One of the biggest home decor blogger trends I’ve seen is wallpaper. It completely changes the look of a room and gives it a more vibrant appearance. It’s […]

Magazine Gallery Wall

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a crazy shopaholic. Some of y’all probably feel the same and some of y’all have no clue what I’m talking about(If this is you, please teach me how to save money!). Anyways, this simple decor setup is for everyone! We all have old magazines lying around somewhere and it’s time […]