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Sometimes it feels like you have to spend excessive amounts of money to create your dream space. Don’t let Pinterest and Instagram make you feel like that! One of the biggest home decor blogger trends I’ve seen is wallpaper. It completely changes the look of a room and gives it a more vibrant appearance.

It’s hard to commit to a specific wallpaper because it seems like such a hassle to put up and take down. The most appealing option at the moment is removable wallpaper! Easy to put up and it doesn’t completely destroy your walls when you take it down.

I’ve seen the cutest accent walls going around Pinterest and my absolute favorites are the brick interiors! The brick wallpaper I decided upon came in these rolls. All I had to do was wipe off the walls with a wet paper towel, peel the white backing off the brick wallpaper, and smooth it out on the wall. I am one of the least handy people in the world so the task of putting these on the wall made me really nervous, however, I was impressed by how simple it was to put up and remove. I didn’t realize at first that you had to match the patterns up when you did each panel, but the amazing thing was that when I took a roll off the wall so I could change it’s position, it went back up without a hitch and still clung to the wall. Side note: I’m the kind of person who wants to get things done rather than perfect so while this took me 30-40 minutes to put up, my husband says it would take less time if I didn’t rush!

Here is how it turned out! I am very pleased with how it all looked together. I partnered with NuWallpaper, who has a ton of peel and stick wallpapers for any vibe, to bring you this post! You can my code MICHELLE15 for 15% off at https://www.wallpops.com/nuwallpaper. Let me know below if this is something that you would try out!

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